Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Beginning

So My Grandma suggested a good movie. When it finally came to Redbox, I picked it up.

We popped this movie in the other night.
5 minutes into it, we are wondering if it's going to get any better?
10 minutes into it, I was contemplating 'just how little money can be spent to create a movie?'
But it was a movie about a firefighter, and a 'fire-scene' came on
and it was enough to keep Dan interested.

Finally Dan tells me the main character is the kid from 'Growing Pains.' We debate for a long time until I accept that is Kirk Cameron.

I say something like, "This movie reminds me of a really bad church film."
Dan says, "Ahhh, that makes sense. Kirk Cameron is very religious."
With that foundation, our expectations dropped considerably,
and we were able to finish the movie.
Which in my opinion, was pretty good.
And Dan is fairly sure the guys at the station would not appreciate it the same way.

So, Thank you Grandma Gay for the suggestion.
The movie made us think.

And because I am a numbers girl, and I love a good challenge,
We are beginning something that will hopefully help our family
Become a little closer.

My Nana used to say, "It takes 2 weeks to start a habit."
She was really smart and probably learned very quickly.
I am a bit slower. So I settled on the number 40.
40 is a good Biblical Number, and that's what I am looking for this time.

  • The rains (in Noah's day) fell for 40 days and nights (Genesis 7:4).
  • Israel ate Manna for 40 years (Exodus 16:35).
  • Moses was with God in the mount, 40 days and nights (Exodus 24:18).
  • Moses led Israel from Egypt at age 80 (2 times 40), and after 40 years in the wilderness, died at 120 (3 times 40; Deuteronomy 34:7). *Love the Multiplication in that one*
  • The spies searched the land of Canaan for 40 days (Numbers 13:25).
  • Therefore, God made Israel wander for 40 years (Numbers 14:33-34).
  • Several Kings reigned 40 years...David, Saul, Solomon.
  • Elijah had one meal that gave him strength 40 days (1 Kings 19:8).
  • God gave Nineveh 40 days to repent (Jonah 3:4).
  • Jesus fasted 40 days and nights (Matthew 4:2)
  • Women are pregnant for 40 weeks (time of preparation)
I love a good self-help book.
I also love watching workout videos.
As with the Books, the Videos don't do much for me,
unless I am actually doing the workout.

I have spent the last 14 years filling journals with many of the thoughts in my brain.
I write down important lessons I have learned, good talks or teaching moments.
And so, rather than use someone else's words or advice,
Dan and I are going to come up with our own 40 Day Challenge,
Taken primarily from the good things we have learned in the past.

He keeps telling me that if we take one day at a time, before we know it, Everything looks a little different.

He is pretty smart too, so we will try it his way,
with a LITTLE flare from me.
(Meaning real study and insight, and of course a blog, where we all participate)
I take my challenges pretty seriously,
AND Full Involvement gets results.

This is the beginning of our challenge
To Become The Kind of Family We Want To Be,
Hopefully, 40 days from now,
We will feel like we have created some good, lasting habits.


  1. You guys are awesome! Funny, but Awesome! But, one question. Aren't you already the family that you want to become? From an outsider's view, you guys seem to have it together more than most. But, everyone can do better, so good luck on your challenge. We'll meet you at the finish line.

  2. Reagan's Words: "I am grateful for my family and my house. I am thankful for my friends and cousins. I am thankful for I have a body. I am thankful for the food; a school to learn in; for primary teachers at church. I am grateful for my toys to play with. I am thankful for the flowers that smell good and help me when I am sad."